Episode 105 Contest!!

Ok, in order to qualify for the custom shooter rod contest, you must correctly identify the game this pic is from. Send your guess to us @ feedback@lockislitpodcast.com, or contact us on our Facebook/Twitter page. Next month we will make a random drawing from the correct answers to determine who wins. Winner gets their choice of custom shooter rod from Wizard Amusement!!!

Thanks again to Mike @ Wizard Amusement for providing the prize, and good luck!!


Perhaps a sound sample may help?

Lock is Lit Podcast Episode 105




In this episode, we make a trip down to the Asheville Pinball Museum in scenic Asheville, North Carolina! Rick has some adventures involving shipping a pin from Florida to West Virginia, and we announce an exciting new contest!!!!!!

Wizard Amusement

Many thanks to our new sponsor for providing us with a couple shooter rods, as well as one to give away! They also restore, service, and sell classic pinball machines! Check them out, and tell Mike Lock is Lit sent ya!

Asheville Pinball Museum

Located in downtown Asheville, right by the Grove Arcade (no, not THAT type of arcade). They have over 35 machines set on free play. $10 let’s you play till you have blistas on yer fingas!

The Pinheadz Pinball Podcast

There are a lot of pinball podcasts out there, but this one is waaay above the rest. Tune in and listen to Rod, Gaz, and Pinball Stevie give you a down under take on pinball. They are only on episode 5, but they have the podcast thing nailed. It is also very interesting to hear about the pin scene in Australia. Soon as you finish up with our episode, go there!!

STI/CRST Pinball Shipping

Need a pinball shipped? These are the recommended guys.

New Sponsor!

Exciting news! We have our first pinball show sponsor, Mike Levitt who runs WizardAmusement.com. Mike does pinball restoration, and makes custom shooter rods. We are glad to have him aboard, and stay tuned for our very first contest announcement!!

Lock is Lit Podcast Episode 104


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In episode 102, we gave you some ideas on where to buy your first pin. ¬†In this episode, we discuss things you need to bring with you when you go to pick up your pin, and also items to check before you even think about plugging your new pin in. Unfortunately, we also give you cave like voice quality, and laptop fan noise! We have been trying new ways to record the show with both of us in the same room, and we just haven’t got it down yet. Can’t blame the Yeti mics, just our idiocy. We do apologize, and bear with us, as it will get better…we hope. ūüôā

Very good prices and good quality on LEDs!  Check out Comet Pinball:



Florida area forum that has a pretty good pinball/arcade classifieds section:



For all of your retro video gaming needs in southern WV, check out PixelNation Retro Videogame Store!