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Episode 118



In this episode, we get together with George “GW” Whittaker of Big Fun Amusements, and Gene Wills to discuss the latest pinball machines from Stern, JJP, Heighway Pinball, Planetary Pinball, Spooky Pinball, and American Pinball.

Keep up with Big Fun Amusements via George’s Facebook page, as he posts anything for sale there first:

Lock is Lit Podcast Episode 117


In this exciting, action packed episode, we discuss new pins by Stern, playfield issues, and do a rather long segment on boutique pinball companies!

Stern Aerosmith pin:

Batman ’66 issues, more issues throughout this thread:

Pinside thread on Boutique pinball:

Kevin Kulek in court:

Skit-B Discussion on Pinside:

Scoregasm Master from Day One Pinball:

Captain Nemo from Quetzel Pinball:

Pythons Pinball Circus from Circus Maximus:

Medieval Madness Remake by Planetary Pinball:

Magic Girl Pinball by Zidware:

The Big Lebowski/BOP 2.0 by Dutch Pinball:

Full Throttle/Alien Pinball by Heighway Pinball:

Wrath of Olympus by Riot Pinball:

Lexy Lightspeed by Multimorphic:

Timeshock by Silver Castle Pinball:

Thunderbirds by Homepin:

Pinball Gremlins by Vonnie D. Pinball:

Wrath of Cthulu by Rebel Unit:

Spooky Pinball:


And finally, Pinfest 2017:





Lock is Lit Podcast Episode 116



We are indeed back!  In this long delayed episode, we discuss Pinfest 2016, new pin purchases, and we have an interview with Ed Klemp of The Pinball Lounge in Ovieda, FL!!


A huge shoutout to our new sponsor Big Fun Amusements, West Virginia’s premier Jersey Jack Pinball dealer!!  Check them out here:


Also, for your enjoyment:

The Pinball Lounge


Batman ’66 Information


Ghostbusters Issue Thread


2016 Auction Dates

For anyone interested in arcade auctions, this is the AGS schedule for this year:

January 16: Winston-Salem, NC – Dixie Classic Fairgrounds
February 13: i ENTERTAINMENT – 2409 Avenue J, Suite D, Arlington, TX 76006
February 20: Sevierville, TN – Sevierville Convention Center
March 12: Winston-Salem, NC – Dixie Classic Fairgrounds
April 9: Sevierville, TN – Sevierville Convention Center
May 21: Winston-Salem, NC – Dixie Classic Fairgrounds
June 11: Sevierville, TN – Sevierville Convention Center
August 6: Sevierville, TN – Sevierville Convention Center
October 1: Sevierville, TN – Sevierville Convention Center
November 19: Winston-Salem, NC – Dixie Classic Fairgrounds
December 10: Sevierville, TN – Sevierville Convention Center


For more info, check them out @

Lock is Lit Podcast Episode 115



Join us to a long delayed episode 115!  We discuss the Arkansas warehouse raid that we went on over the winter, a lot of new pin acquisitions, and other random things that have been going on.  We will also have a booth/table at Pinfest 2016 in Allentown PA on May 5th, and 6th, so stop by and visit us!! We also talk about the future of the show going forward.

This is the documentary on the final days of Williams pinball division.  A must watch!

Tilt: The Battle to Save Pinball

The Piniwiki list of vehicles that a pin will fit in:

Pinfest 21016:

First Arkansas video, which we codenamed “Arkantana”

Second Arkansas trip video:

Lock is Lit Podcast Episode 114


Join us in this very special Thanksgiving episode as we give thanks to the wonderful people that allow us to have this amazing hobby, our wives!

Guests in this episode are:  Rick & Tara Taylor, George “G.W.” & Theresa Whittaker, Gene & Wendy Wills, and me, Marc, & my wife Shelley.  We also ask some questions to get a woman’s perspective on pinball, & the pinball hobby!


Check out the Amigos podcast!




L to R: Shelley & Marc Johnston, Rick & Tara Taylor, Theresa & George Whittaker, Wendy & Gene Wills


L to R: Gene, George, Daryl, Rick, & Marc


Lock is Lit Podcast Episode 113


In this episode, I invite my long time friend Ken Lilly on the show for conversations about about arcade collecting in the 1990’s, and of course pinball!  We introduce a new show segment, “Stupid Ebay Stuff”, and also welcome a behind the scenes episode editor/commentator, Vic, the podcast droid.


We have mentioned them before, but Holland Computers sells some good multicade boards:


This what we were talking about, when we discussed Omega Race:


Ken’s Games:






Flipper McCoys:



Ebay Auctions:


Police Force


Black Hole Ramp disk???


Michael Jordan pin:


Centaur 2 (never heard of it)