Lock is Lit Episode 112


Rick and I make a triumphant return to the studio in this epic episode filled with epic awesomeness!

New show segment “Pin O’ the Month” where we discuss the history behind Gottlieb’s 1981 Black Hole!

We also discuss a long distance trip to Pennsylvania to pick up a Hurricane pin, what else we have been up to, and what the future holds!


The best Black Hole pin in the galaxy, mine!


Joe Cicak’s original sketch for Black Hole:

The original Black Hole prototype:


Dragon’s Lair whitewood (the only pic I could find):


Critical Mass:


Critical Mass history, and rebirth:


Joe Cicak’s presentation A Pinball Expo 2006:


2 thoughts on “Lock is Lit Episode 112”

  1. Mark and Rick well done. Just found you guys and will be tuning in for more.

    As a BH owner too I enjoyed all the love you showed for this great game.

    The center coin chute is for SBA dollar coin slot.

    Almost every person I ask thinks BH is better than HH but yet HH has always been ahead on leaderboards. I don’t get it!!

    Both fun games for sure. My local arcade that got HH new was not accepted at .50 cents. It was a couple weeks then we noticed op changed machine from 3 ball to 5 ball. I guess to take the sting out of the pricing. It worked we started trying it out but never played as much as the other pin there.

    1. Thanks Chris! I didn’t know about the center coin chute pricing, but that makes sense. I don’t think I played BH much back then, but I always remembered it, and was lucky to get mine last year. HH is a good game, and if they would’ve kept multiball in it, it might be a close tie with BH.

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